Quinoa Shipped From Canada

Quinoa is an ancient grain known for its complete protein profile, high fiber content, ease and speed of cooking and versatility in cooking. It's naturally Gluten Free, Non-GMO and can be Organic as well as Kosher.

What is Quinoa?

Quinoa is actually part of the same family of plants as Swiss Chard and Spinach. The quinoa seed that is so popular is typically used in place of grains (such as rice) as a side dish, a base for meats and vegetables or simply eaten on its own. It comes in white (golden), red and black colours, which are all nutritionally similar.

Quinoa Nutrition


Quinoa is what is known as a "complete protein" - a protein containing all 9 essentials amino acids. That means that no other legumes or nuts need to be mixed with it to get usable protein for your body, making it ideal for vegetarians and vegans.


Quinoa is loaded in fiber - almost twice as much dietary fiber as other grains. This helps to reduce overall calories and helps you feel full for longer, which combined with the protein content, makes it great for diets. Fiber also supports healthy digestion, helping to move food along and can promote more regular bowel movements.


Packed with phosphorous, magnesium and iron, Quinoa is a good source of minerals and contributes to an overall healthy diet. A 2-oz (56g) serving will give you about 30% of your overall daily Iron.

How to Cook Quinoa

Quinoa is extremely fast and simple to prepare, requiring just 2 cups of water per 1 cup of quinoa and about 20 minutes. It can be done on stovetop or using a rice cooker.

While some brands and recipes don't require rinsing the quinoa before cooking, we recommend rinsing with a strainer as it removes any leftover "saponins" that remain, which impart a slightly bitter flavour.

Flavour can be infused into the quinoa during the cooking process by using bouillon cubes or flavouring packets. Plain quinoa is great at absorbing the juices and sauces of anything served with it.

Quinoa Recipes

Quinoa can be used in place of rice in many dishes, and can actually be cooked very well in a rice cooker, making it just as simple. Once cooked, it has a consistency similar to rice or couscous and can be used as a substitute in all sorts of recipes including stir fry, soup, cassarole or as a base for grilled meats. With a little creativity, Quinoa can even be used to make things like Quinoa Pizza Cust.

When made in bulk, a single batch can make up to a weeks worth of lunches and is easily varied with additions like tomatoes, cucumbers, olives and salad dressing.

Store uncooked quinoa in a glass or plastic sealed container in dark, cool, dry location. Approximately 12-month shelf life.

Quinoa Serving Size

A "serving size" of quinoa is generally considered to be 45 grams (1/4 cup dry quinoa), with 170 calories (30g - 3g fiber, 7g protein). Most instructions call for 1 cup of quinoa (180 grams) cooked with 2 cups of water, which would yield 4 servings.

A pound (454g) of quinoa consist of roughly 2.5 cups of dry quinoa, or 10 servings.

Quinoa Storage

Quinoa can be stored in a sealed container in a cupboard or the fridge for up to 2 years. We recommend keeping it away from heat, light and moisture for maximum longevity.

Types of Quinoa

Quinoa is typically sold as the seed in its dry form, coloured either white (golden), red or black. A number of variations are available that include:

  • Quinoa Flakes are similar to oat flakes
  • Quinoa Flour is similar to wheat flour or oat flour
  • Puffed Quinoa is similar to "pop corn" but not as drastically inflated - used in energy bars
  • Quinoa Lasagna is similar to wheat pasta, but made from quinoa!

Quinoa Brands

Some popular brands of Quinoa include Eden Foods Quinoa, GoGoQuinoa, Bob's Red Mill, Casbah Organic Quinoa, NorQuin Quinoa and Alter Eco Foods Quinoa.