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Quinoa is a nutritious product, easy to make and packed with vital nutrients. Quinoa is typically found with other grains but is technically a seed, even though it is cooked and prepared similar to grains like couscous and rice. It can be cooked in a ricecooker on autopilot while you prepare the remainder of the meal, and will absorb the flavour of any herbs, spices or flavourings it is cooked with.

Quinoa is what's known as a "complete protein" - it contains all the aminos necessary for humans without supplementing it with any sort of nuts or other vegetables. In addition to a good serving of fiber, it is high iron content, making it ideal for vegetarians and vegans who may not get enough iron from red meats.

A large number of recipes show quinoa being used in lieu of (or partially substituted for) flour including brownies, cookies and waffles. The usual quinoa salad recipes and base or side dish for meats and vegetable main dishes.