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Organic Black Quinoa

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Natural Organic Black Quinoa (Bolivian)

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Black Quinoa provides a stark and vibrant contrast to foods, making meals visually pleasing in addition to the flavour. While nutritionally similar to White and Red Quinoa, it holds onto the Quinoa flavour better than White, which tends to take on the flavour of the food it's cooked and eaten with. It's also on the crunchier side and sometimes requires a little more water than white quinoa (to extend the cooking time).

We get asked a lot which is the "best" Quinoa and the truth is they're all substantially similar - they're all great! Pick up some of each and settle on one (or multiple) long term you liked best based on your meals.

We've found that black quinoa typically requires a little more water than the recommend 2:1 - even up to 2 and 1/4 cups of water per 1 cup of black quinoa.

Quinoa will keep for a long time in it's naturally dry format, as long as it's kept out of sunlight, away from heat, and away from moisture. A cool, dark, dry storage room is perfect.

Does Organic Matter?

There's been a lot of debate over whether organic food is worth it or not. While some foods don't matter one way or another (roasted coffee for example, where the pesticides and fertilizers are burnt off in the high temperature roasting process), foods that are cooked at lower temperatures would contain trace elements of chemicals used in the growing process.

With Quinoa being rapidly developed and harvested in fairly modern times (exploding in popularity since the early 2000s), many farmers in south america have embedded natural organic growing practices from the start, and as such the cost for organic is marginal compared to non organic. This is especially the case for black quinoa, where we can't even buy the non-organic variety.

In our opinion, organic is worth it for quinoa.