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Organic Red Quinoa

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Natural Organic Red Quinoa

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While nutritionally similar to White, the Red and Black Quinoa varieties have a slightly heartier taste and retain the quinoa flavour a little better, and therefore pair well with heavier (fatty, flavourful) foods than the white variety. The slightly different consistency means that it does better with slightly higher water to quinoa ratio - just a bit over 2 cups water to 1 cup quinoa.

You can either cook it on the stove (removing from heat when the water has boiled off) or in a rice cooker, which will cook it perfectly (we recommend leaving the lid closed for 10 minutes after it turns off). Some people will salt the quinoa while cooking but we generally find this isn't necessary, especially when using it as a base for another food.

Quinoa can be made as a side dish, a base for more flavourful main dishes (eg. meats, sauteed vegetables, stir fry), or even baked right into products like cakes and brownies as a healthy alternative for flour. Using cooked quinoa in baking adds texture and a slightly nutty flavour.

Adding more natural super foods like Quinoa to your diet can have a number of positive effects on your body including reduced blood pressure (from extra fiber), increase energy (red blood cell product from the iron content), repair muscle and tissue damage (from a complete 9 essential amino acids) and boost metabolism (through B2 content).