About Us


Howard Wells started his grain importing business in Toronto 1897, with the belief that a diet rich in wholesome foods should be easily affordable for all people. Starting out as a small wholesaler with just 950 square feet, he had expanded to a 10,000 square foot facility within 4 years and expand his business to include nuts and fruits.

Somewhere between 1900 and today the diet of the average Canadian veered towards an overabundance of sugar and food processed to the point of being the nutritional equivalent of cardboard. We believe in getting back to the days before pesticides and GMO, back when Organic was the only option and didn't require a special label.

While the world has changed and Canadians now seek wheat and grain alternatives in the form of Quinoa, we hold onto his vision that nutritious food should be affordable.

Old Fashioned Prices,
New Fangled Ordering.

All products are shipped from Ontario and are non-taxable food items.